‘my self’ – Joey Maxwell’s introspective single

Fresh off his euphonic single ‘Streetlights’, Joey Maxwell follows on with a new track titled ‘my self’. This single focuses more on Maxwell,  questioning who he wants to be.

“In a digital age where perfect body types and flawlessness is projected almost every time you open social media it becomes a rabbit hole for unhealthy comparisons and illegitimate metrics of success” as stated in the press release.

The current age of social media can take its toll on people’s mental states, constantly making them want to be the ‘perfect’ image they see on Instagram. These thoughts lead to forgetting to love yourself and then build some even darker places. ‘Natureland‘, Joey’s first EP released last year, also attempted to explore these thoughts and feelings but in a more light-hearted way.

Songs like ‘don’t stress’ explore those feelings but as a commentary of the observer; ‘no-one ever calls on a facetime, everyone’s too afraid to show their face lines.’ However, in ‘my self’ Maxwell’s lyrics are more raw and with his own words; ‘quick hits for self-esteem’.

Joey Maxwell for DIY Mag | (c) DIY Mag

This rawness from Maxwell also accompanies the beat of the song. Sonically sounding a lot different from his previous works, the south London musician utilises the sounds of growing up in London coming off as a more garage beat with the intro bass overpowering and booming. Throughout, more elements come into play around the bass, constantly building up almost as if the beat itself is Maxwell’s mind filling up with all the thoughts that he expresses in the lyrics.

The delivery of ‘my self’ makes you feel almost drunk, the vocals are tuned down to be at the same level as the beat. Visually, it brings you into a club with so much noise surrounding you that it is hard to think. Joey also seems influenced by another substance while he tries to battle   with his inner thoughts of not wanting to be himself.

Yet, there is a progression, towards the latter half of the song Joey sings “I wanna see you live it because I’m never gonna quit it,” almost as if he’s talking to the future version of himself. Once he surpasses this dark period in his life or in the other direction he comes to accept these insecurities. This is what makes Joey Maxwell different from everyone else.

my self‘ out now on all streaming platforms.

Words: Kian Thompson | Subbing: Sara Varga

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