Motability boss bonus leads to backlash

Labour Shadow Minister for Disabled People, Marsha De Cordova, has condemned the proposed bonus for Motability charity boss Mike Betts.

“It is disgraceful that executive directors received millions in bonuses, particularly given that the scheme has been found to overcharge hundreds of thousands of disabled people for vital mobility support,” said Marsha De Cordova MP.

Adding that more clarity was needed, she said: “We urgently need accountability and transparency for this scheme, which should put disabled people’s interests at its heart.”

Betts, who runs Motability, a charity which provides wheelchairs and other services to disabled people, was due to receive a £1.8 million bonus.

Betts is set to leave his role by 2020 after a report from the National Audit Office exposed his high pay.

The Motability firm is the only company in the UK that offers mobility solutions for disabled people in the UK and is funded mostly by state disability allowance.

The report from the national audit office revealed over £1 billion of ‘unplanned profit’ and large cash reserves held by the charity. The audit also showed that customers were charged around £390 million more than was needed to cover the costs of running the scheme.

In a statement Motability said: “We always strive to keep prices down for customers. Our prices have consistently been 44 per cent cheaper than any leasing alternative.”

Neil Johnson, chairman of Motability Operations, said the company had taken on board the changes suggested by the NAO.

MP Frank Field, chair of the parliamentary work and pensions committee said the levels of pay at the company were ‘Obscene’ and that it was “beyond appalling to learn that money that could have been used to improve the lives of disabled people will be lining his pockets instead”.

Words by: Harry Lye | Subbing by: Sam Carter

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