Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, dies age 95

Known for co-creating treasured comic book superheroes such as Spider-Man, the X Men and The Incredible Hulk, Stan Lee has died at the age of 95.   

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby founded Marvel in 1961, beginning with the creation of The Fantastic Four.

The characters he created used to mirror real-life events and issues. For example, the plot to The Fantastic Four was inspired by the space race between the USA and Russia. Similarly, The X Men were created to mirror those who are different in society.

Lee once said: “The X Men are very relevant because above and beyond everything else, its a story of bigotry, of these people who are hated because they’re different, even though they’re good.”

As well as creating all these household name characters, Lee went on to produce all the Marvel Studio movies before and after its purchase by Disney in 2009. He’s also had a small cameo in every one of them.

A number of celebrities have paid their tributes on Twitter, including President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige.

Chris Evans, who plays Captain America shared some kind words about his characters creator.

Comedy actor Seth Rogen spoke of Lee making those who are different feel special.

And Tesla CEO Elon Musk thanked Lee for his worlds of imagination and delight.


He will be missed and treasured by many.


Words: Jake Woods | Subbing: Adam Kaczyński

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