London assemble: Cosplay and comic fans worldwide come together at Comicon

The annual MCM London Comicon event is to be set at the Excel London Exhibition Theatre this upcoming weekend. The convention celebrates animation, comic book and gaming culture worldwide and the event is particularly notorious for its guests wearing outlandish and eccentric costumes that pay homage to their favourite character. The venue held over 130,000 guests last year and will hopefully account even more this weekend before Halloween.

Paul McGann starred as the 8th Doctor in the Doctor Who series from 1996.

A variety of special guests are also to be attending the weekend-long event including Marvel’s very own Paul Bettany (who plays as Vision) and Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor in the notable Doctor Who series. The Voice of London team went down to the opening of the event to talk to some of the guests and ask how important this event means to them.

Paul Bettany as Vision, who debuted in 2015 in Marvels Age of Ultron.

The venue of the event. Located just minutes from the Prince Regent tube station.


Words: Luke Furr

Video: Adam Kaczyński & Luke Furr

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