London art week

This year Christmas arrived early for all the art lovers living in London. The famous London Art Week is back and ready to take over this week!

More than 30 of London’s prestigious art galleries will be hosting this eye-opening event as well as three leading auction houses. The galleries will be open from 10am till 6 pm on weekdays and 11am till 5 pm on the weekends.

Many people think London Art Week is for collectors and shoppers only but it is so much more than that. It is an incredible experience for anyone who is interested in art, the industry or just wants to spend a weekend looking at wonderful art works.

No matter what you do or who you are, this event will be an uplifting experience that will add something to you. Here is a list of the galleries on where the event will take place, so you can drop by and begin the new month in the magical world of art.

Written by Aylin Paula Karanis – Subbed by Chingiz

Pictures by Aylin Paula Karanis & Ben Collinson

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