Killing jet lag within 24 hours: Your 7-step guide to beating timezone confusion

Jet lag is your body’s reaction to your normal sleeping pattern being disturbed. It usually takes a few days to adjust completely and unfortunately can’t be prevented.

During this popular holiday season, The Voice of London is here to help you overcome jet lag as soon as possible. Whether you’re staying within the continent or travelling half way across the world, these simple tips will help crush those jet-lag symptoms within 24 hours so you can be well on your way to enjoying the many wonders that travelling has to offer.

1. Make your bed

By tidying your bed straight after waking up, you’re stimulating your brain and allowing it to achieve goals, keeping up your levels of alertness for the day ahead.

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2. Take a cold shower

Yes, this does sound absolutely ludicrous. But it’s true that cold water can help to improve blood flow around the body, which will lead to you feeling more awake and focused. Even just a 10-second burst will help to revive your exhausted state.

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3. Drink warm lemon water

For most of us, the only beverage we crave after travelling across different time zones is a cup of coffee or a fizzy drink. However, caffeine is only likely to make you more dreary as the hours go by, whilst warm lemon water has many proven benefits, including better circulation within the digestive system. Staying hydrated is also key to overcoming fatigue.

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4. Hunt for the Sun

Natural daylight is much more beneficial than artificial light. Scientific research shows that sunlit environments increase productivity and lift low mood, providing mental and visual stimulation needed for everyday tasks.

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5. Eat at the right times

This means that you should start eating three meals a day to match the new time zone you’re in – even if that means eating breakfast for dinner and dessert for lunch.

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6. Keep up the exercise

Moving around and maintaining regular exercise will encourage smooth blood flow, minimising the risk of blood clots. Activeness also helps your mind and body to perk up and defeat prolonging jet-lag symptoms.

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7. Take short naps throughout the day

Regular 15-20 minute naps on the day of arrival will keep your fatigue under control. However, be sure to set an alarm and keep your naps short – any oversleeping will cause your body to fall back into your original time zone and prolong jet lag.

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We hope that these easy tips will help you beat your timezone tiredness in no time and have you on your way to making the most out of your big adventure!

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Words: Jessica Kwan | Subbing: Jenny Lee

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