Is this the solution to loneliness?

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A recent study conducted by the Office for National Statistics found that one in 20 adults always feels lonely. This might come as a surprise since we live in a world where we are more connected than ever.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ensure that we can constantly keep in touch with everyone and anyone.

However, this only seems to be a trigger for loneliness, rather than a solution for it. Very often living miles away from family and friends, and pure reliance on technology rather than face to face interaction makes us feel more isolated. This isolation then makes us less connected, which can then lead to a complete loss of any real interaction.

Aseptic Studio in London has an interesting solution to this problem. And the name of it is The Mannequin Cushion. Now, before you freak out, continue reading and give it a chance. It is an ergonomic cushion in the shape of a headless torso which is supposed to provide physical and emotional support to lonely millennials.

Its made to resemble an upper body with really long arms and no head. The extra long arms are there to be wrapped around the user for comfort.

Tsun Lai, the founder of Aseptic Studio told Dezeen that the idea was born while he was studying menswear and tailoring at London College of Fashion. He made his own mannequin to dress his clothes and it ended up lying around his living room, so he would cuddle it whenever he felt lonely.

What a weirdo, you must think to yourself. But before you start judging, just think about how brilliant this idea is. We do feel lonely and we do need a hug every now and then. Although a bit creepy, this is perfect since the mannequin can’t talk back and annoy you (like most humans do).

All jokes aside, this mannequin would also be a great solution for hyper-tactile autistic individuals. They can pull away when people try to hug them because they fear being touched. Even the slightest contact with other humans can send them into a panic attack. Parents of autistic kids often report that washing their childs hair or cutting nails turns into an ordeal demanding several people to complete it. Therefore, this cushion would be of great help and maybe make them feel more comfortable.

Whether you need The Mannequin Cushion to help you fight loneliness or combat sensitivity of touch, just know that it will be there for you like no one has ever been before.

According to this Twitter poll, the majority of our followers find this mannequin as a companion too much. Therefore, we can offer some other, more socially acceptable solutions.

Here are our top five picks to fight loneliness:

Words: Lucija Duzel | Subbing: Ruby Naldrett, Vanessa Craus

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