Is it ok to judge people for controversial clothing?

Image: Courtesy of Kinney Turtle via Flickr.

Homophobic jackets, Hiroshima t-shirts and “Don’t care” coats. They’ve all caused the uproar of the public, however, is it acceptable to judge people for the clothes they wear?

The successful K-pop band BTS has recently been facing backlash after a picture of one of its members wearing a Hiroshima shirt was shared online.

The fans of the famous band have gone wild due to the reference the shirt makes to the end of Japan’s colonisation over the Korean Peninsula in 1945. The shirt includes an image of an atomic bomb alongside the repetition of the words “Patriotism our history liberation Korea”.

Nonetheless, the members of the K-pop band are not the only ones who have been axed for their clothing. America’s First Lady was photographed wearing a Zara jacket with the words “I really don’t care, do you?” after visiting a detention centre for migrant children.

The influential brand Diesel has also been facing heavy criticism due to the release of a jacket covered with the word “faggot”.

Due to this recent debate related to clothing, we decided to ask fashion students about their views on judging controversial clothes and whether it is acceptable or not. Can a form of expression go too far?

Featured image: Courtesy of Kinney Turtle via Flickr.

Words: Raquel Pacheco | Subbing: Nia Tyrell


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