Here are five fun things you can do now we’re in Lockdown 2.0

Bored at home. Photo by: @magnetme | Unsplash

If there is anything this pandemic has taught us, it’s how to have fun from the comfort of our home.

England has now entered a four-week lockdown. This means for many, being stuck at home once again, trying to think what area in the house is left to clean.

Many may have now completed all of Netflix and scrolled through the whole of social media.

Therefore, Voice of London has gathered a few ideas to ensure that lockdown 2.0 is the time to change up your routine and get those creative juices flowing.

  1. Try out new recipes

You may think that you’re not the best chef in the world, but BBC Good Food offers a wide range of free recipes. From delicious lunches to mid-week dinners and enjoyable cakes. All done with exotic ingredients in a simple manner.

If reading from a recipe book isn’t for you, BBC Good Food also has its own YouTube platform displaying step-by-step instructions on how to make these creative recipes.

  1. Do a home workout

Many will be extremely disappointed that gyms have been closed, but progress can still be made with home exercises.

There are thousands of workouts designed for beginners or intermediates on YouTube. Why not check out The Body Coach TV or if you are brave enough, try out Chloe Ting’s two-week shred challenge.

  1. Join a virtual day out

Day out inside the house? Yes, that’s correct, you can now visit a museum, gallery or exhibition virtually.

The Natural History Museum is offering a live virtual tour, with the opportunity to ask the museum’s scientists your own questions whilst they discuss everything from mammals to butterflies.

Head over to the website on Tuesdays at midday and Fridays at 10:30am.

The National Art Gallery and The British Museum are also offering virtual tours through their websites.

All day ins will be free.

Natural History Museum, London. Photo by: @yokeboy | Unsplash

  1. Check out the free courses at Screen Skills or FutureLearn

Whether you are looking to gain new skills to add to your CV or just simply find a new hobby, both FutureLearn and Screen Skills are offering a wide range of online courses taught by university and industry experts.

All professional or educational skills learnt will be accredited.

  1. Get a head start on your Christmas shopping

After the incredibly strange year we have had, many will be looking forward to Christmas.

So why not get ahead of everything and make those wish lists and get shopping for your loved ones.

Shop the safest way through online shopping. No mask needed and definitely no more waiting in those queues!

Christmas presents. Photo by: @freestocks | Unsplash

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Words: Grace Staley | Subbing: Dina Nazari

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