Give Your Blonde Hair The Silver Treatment

Bye-bye yellow tones.

By: Amina Sadik | Sub editor: Kat L’Aiguille

Butter blonde, honey blonde and banana tones are not welcome. Warm colours that nobody wants, it’s all about those icy tones. But how do you get this look? The answer is Silver Shampoo For those blondies who are fed up of constantly dying their hair and spending a fortune at the hair dressers. These days are now over.

These magical products contain a spectrum of blue, purple and violent pigments (the opposite of yellow and orange on the colour wheel), which neutralises any unwanted warm tones.

This shampoo should only be used a couple of times a week, not everyday. Unless you want lilac hair.



Bleach London Silver Shampoo, £5 from

This is a great price for those who want white blonde through to space grey hair. (All depending on how long you leave it on). You can also purchase this product from Boots, they often do an offer of ‘three for two’.

For those who bleach their hair at home and aim for snow white hair, you might want to try out the Bleach London White Toner Kit (£7)



Fudge Clean blonde violent toning shampoo, £9.41,

Containing more purple-violet tones, it leaves your hair a perfect ashy blonde. This is one of my personal favourites violet shampoos, it gets rid of those unwanted warm tones in one wash. This product is a perfect way to maintain that icy look.

It has a creamy texture and leaves your hair smelling nice. Just be careful it stains your hands so wear gloves when applying.



L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Silver, £10.99 from

This stuff is very strong, it can turn white blonde hair blue if you use it too much, or leave it on for too long.  You may see this as quiet negative, however when you’re freshly bleached hair is as yellow as the sun, this product saves your life. You need a ride or die silver shampoo. This is the perfect product for you.



Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo, £39 from


This luxurious Oribe shampoo will leave your hair as soft as silk, a rare quality that other silver products don’t do.

This product cannot be faulted. Hair is left with shimmering softness and sheen. And can we just take a look at the packaging? Make your bathroom look luxurious.



Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Daily Shampoo, £2.19 from

This is the cheapest product on the market. This is perfect for those who wash their hair everyday, as the slightly less pigmented formula won’t turn your hair lilac or blue.

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