Fashion forward — but do you own a mask dress?

Dress mask by Pretty Little Thing
Dress mask by Pretty Little Thing

While face coverings are now required by law in England, face masks have become a big part of our outdoors wear. And as a result, become the biggest accessory of 2020.

Many high-end fashion brands have begun to sell face masks in order to feed into the trends of having stand out masks or matching masks with your outfit. However Pretty Little Thing has taken it a step further by introduced dresses with built in-masks to their collection.

Pretty Little Thing website (Black Jersey Long Sleeve Mask Bodycon Dress)

Earlier this week they released a long sleeve bodycon mask dress in black which quickly sold out. Not long after, the dress became available again in different lengths, sizes and up to six different styles.

However, the hype was not completely fuelled until Pretty Little Thing posted a photo of Lottie Moss, Kate’s younger sister, wearing the dress on their Instagram. Followers took to the comments to express their opinions of the dress; “This is GENIUS” and “Is this actually the new fashion now?”.

Similarly, bigger brands such as Dior and Balenciaga have included mask themed attire in their fashion shows and newer collections. Meeting the needs of those with a larger budget for medical attire. Yet, Pretty Little Thing remains unmatched with their unbelievably low prices and styles.

As a result of the items success, the brand has expanded their design beyond dresses. Long sleeved mask bodysuits are now  available on their website also.


Pretty Little Thing website (Black Jersey Long Sleeve Mask Bodysuit)

Could built in masks be the next statement style of 2020?


Words: Davionne Sweeney-Mcintosh

Subbing: Jessica Sanches Semedo

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