New restrictions for the capital, but will Londoners obey by the rules?

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As of midnight Friday, people in 32 boroughs in the capital will be stopped from seeing their friends and families inside households, pubs and restaurants.

This is a measure introduced by the government to try and stop the increasing spread of the virus. However, what do people really think of this change of lifestyle?

As of Saturday 17th October 00:01am, London alongside other areas such as Essex, Elmbridge, York among others, will be put under stricter restrictions.

During Thursday’s Commons’ meeting, Health Secretary Matt Hancock praised Londoners for their efforts and obedience, but emphasised the need for all of us to play our part to stop the virus. He said: “London is on a steep path and measures needed to be put in place.”

The introduction of new restrictions was backed by Mayor Sadiq Khan who said that he understood how tough the measures would be for Londoners but was not willing to put lives at risk.

The consequences to this change of restrictions is said to put 250,000 jobs in hospitality at risk.

Jeremy Joseph, owner of G-A-Y nightclub in London and Manchester, spoke to the BBC regarding his concern over the new rules. He described the whole situation as “too confusing”.

“Keeping households from mixing seems unmanageable,” he said.

“If a group come to G-A-Y, who’s responsible in making sure they’re all from the same household? And who gets fined?

“We need the government to be working with business to make things work.”

Local authorities and the police have made it extremely clear that they will take tougher action on licensed premises who put the population at risk by breaching the rules.

However, are the population willing to change once again to put a stop to this virus?

Words: Grace Staley | Subbing: Dina Nazari

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