Facebook Office in London

A global corporation as a big as Facebook has great influence in the lives of many people. Its latest new office in London makes the city its second largest computer engineering station, after the US-based engineering base. This station would host technology start-up, which means that the innovative people and creative people of England would have an opportunity to develop their ideas.

According to Facebook, the new office will employ 800 staff in the first round, setting in motion the company’s objective of employing 2300 in the United Kingdom by the end of 2018. Most developers and marketers would have job openings to apply for and an opportunity to work with an established global corporation.

The housing of the LDN ALB within the building would be Facebook’s first in-house start-ups department. This is another influence that currently does not exist and the company hopes to gain from the Lab because it would share expertise and mentorship to the new start-ups. The initiative would influence corporation between the company and the community thereby promoting its mission of “Building communities”. It is predictable that the housing of the Lab in the new offices would set a foundation for future acquisitions.

Facebook has increased its bargaining power for its tax arrangement in London. The Company that argues that its tax arrangement is in line with its objective of investing in people has received a huge boost from this initiative. The UK government would have to accommodate the tax requests by the company. The initiative by Facebook indicates that London has a good business environment that has attracted Google, Snap, Apple, and now Facebook. This would influence other related companies to think of investing in the city.


You Zhou

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