Dungeons and Dragons: How Introverts Become Extroverts.

Dungeons and Dragons

Have you ever wanted to embrace your inner barbarian or perhaps get involved in a role-playing game?  Do you long for the medieval days?

Reporter: Gabrielle Espinet |  Subeditor: Yasmin Jeffery

If you are up for a fantasy Middle Ages war game where you can embrace various characters, let us introduce you to role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.  The game revolves around storytelling; it is a quest for heroes and their ultimate goal of finding hidden treasure and overcoming obstacles along the way.

It is interesting to see how the demographic of the game has evolved.  Stated on the box is the target audience of the game, individuals ages 10+.  However, a Reddit survey has shown that nearly 75% of Dungeons and Dragons players are 25-39 years old.  So where has this growth stemmed from?

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