Cutting edge razor brand Billie is first to show women shaving body hair

American brand Billie is the first brand to advertise women shaving with visible body hair.

#projectbodyhair shows women showing their unshaved bodies in support of Billie                          Photo Billie Unsplash

Billie has received praise on Twitter with users citing it as “refreshing” and “catered to women’s needs not men’s,”  Ads for men’s razors have always shown men trimming beards whereas women’s razor advertisements have shown women shaving smooth legs and “haven’t acknowledged female body hair,” according to

Billie aims to tackle “Pink Tax” – the phenomenon of gender-based price discrimination in which women’s products are priced higher. Serena Williams, who invested in Billie, told the Daily Edge, “The shaving industry is dominated by male brands which have traditionally overcharged and under-served women.”

Research conducted by RIFT, the Tax Refund specialists, showed that in the UK a pack of four disposable razors are 6.28% more expensive for women. Women also pay 10.63% more for deodorant than men.

The company donates 1% of all revenue to women’s causes around the world, including Every Mother Counts, a campaign for safer pregnancy and childbirth.

Watch the Billie Razor advert below and let us know what you think on Twitter or Instagram.


Feature image Billie on Unsplash

Words: Fiona Patterson

Subbing: Sorcha Gilheaney


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