UK #MeToo scandal: Sir Philip Green named in Parliament

The businessman accused by The Telegraph of racially and sexually abusing staff members has been identified in parliament today as Sir Philip Green, according to the BBC.

On Tuesday, the Telegraph published claims that a leading British businessman “allegedly” sexually harassed and racially abused his staff, and that he used non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to pay off his alleged victims. 

The paper was prevented from revealing the identity of the businessman and the name of his company by an injunction.

Lord Peter Hain named Sir Philip Green, Topshop boss, as the businessman in question as he spoke under parliamentary privilege in the House of Lords on Thursday. Adding, it was in the public interest to reveal his identity.

Sir Philip “categorically and wholly [denied]” the allegations against him in a statement released after he was named, according to Sky News.

The Telegraph reported that it had spent eight months investigating allegations made against Sir Philip concerning bullying, intimidation and sexual harassment.

Words by: Leyi Chen | Sub-editor: Sonakshi Sharma

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