City Hall to hold Violence Reduction Open Day

An open day for young people at City Hall in central London will be held next Monday with a focus on violence reduction  

The event will take place on Monday October 28, and will have places available for 200 youngsters.

It will be hosted by the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) – a team of people involved in health, the police, local government, the probation service and communtiy organisers.

The VRU was set-up by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime just over a year ago.

VRU’s goal is to tackle and deal with the rises in violent crime among London’s youth.

And they also learn about and address the underlying causes of youth violence.

They hope to connect with children and young people from:

Pupil Referral Units

Looked after children

Convicted young offenders

The VRU team wants this to be a chance to provide them “with a platform to propose and lead projects that contribute to the aims of VRU.”

At the open day, young persons will have a chance to become members of the Youth Action Group – set-up earlier this year.

Tickets are free and the open day will run from 5pm to 8:30pm

VRU says that here will be workshops and market stalls “showcasing a range of exciting opportunities for youth involvement.”

Words: Scott Mathew | Subbing: Michelle Del Rey | Featured image credit: Adobe Stock


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