Climate change protest on Regent Street blocks traffic

Exclusive: Climate change protesters block Regent Street causing major traffic.

Activists protest with placards, Credits: Sonakshi Sharma

This afternoon a climate change protest took place in central London, organised by the group Extinction Rebellion. The climate activists blocked the streets causing traffic chaos as they chanted “12 years to save earth”.

Extinction Rebellion is a part of a mass movement that protests against the government for its inability in tackling climate change. It is now supported by top environmental academics across the UK including Rowan Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury.

Protesters circled the Oxford Circus intersection, Credits: Sonakshi Sharma

The organisation is set to march again tomorrow in Parliament Square, from 10am – 5pm against the “ecocidal British government” as mentioned in their latest Tweet.

Words, Images and Twitter Videos : Sonakshi Sharma | Subbing: Sorcha Gilheany

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