Are London club door policies racist and discriminatory?

London undoubtedly has one of the best nightlife scenes in the world.

But, despite the glam and prestige that draws people in, many will be left outside- and not because of their choice in clubbing attire.

DSTRKT Club, which closed down in 2017 was notoriously known for having a “discriminatory” door team, which refused entry to anyone who did not “fit their club’s standards.” 

The venue did not close due to issues related to the complaints, but due to a knife stabbing by an Albanian gang outside the venue.

DSTRKT saw mass protests outside the venue in 2017 from people who did not agree with their entry standards and wanted the club closed.

Our host, Simona, explores the opinions of a range of young London clubbers from different backgrounds and their different ways of clubbing.

Words: Simona Dimitrova

Images: Banter Snaps on Upslash, Markus Lompa on Unsplash, Matty Adame on Unsplash

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