Anti-fur activists protest Canada Goose

A group of anti-fur trade activists protested outside the Regent Street store of Canada Goose on Saturday evening

The vegan protesters gathered outside the entrance to the West End store of the Canadian designer jacket manufacturer.

Holding signs with slogans like “Why Love One, But Wear The Other?” and “Trapped, Trampled and Killed”, they warned potential customers walking into the store of the methods used to trap and then kill coyotes – whose fur is used on the trim of the Toronto-based company’s parka jackets.

Image copyright: Dominic Magli (Voice of London)

Animal activist Pete O-Interail, 21, told Voice of London:

“It is absolutely disgusting that in 2019 we have brands like Canada Goose actually selling dog fur – actually selling geese feathers to the public on Regent Street.”

The designer-brand company has faced accusations of paying licensed hunters to trap and then shoot coyotes and geese in the head with shotguns.

Image copyright: Dominic Magli (Voice of London)

A statement on the company’s website as part of its ‘Fur and Down Policy’ says:

“We believe all animals are entitled to humane treatment in life and death, and we are deeply committed to the ethical sourcing and responsible use of all animal materials in our products.”

It also maintains that:

“We do not condone any willful mistreatment, neglect, or acts that maliciously cause animals undue suffering.”

The activists are distributing leaflets to passersby titled ‘Canada Goose Brand: Cruelty In Every Stitch’.

Words: Scott Mathew | Subbing: Michelle Del Rey | Featured image credit: Dominic Magli


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