A day in Disneyland

The time has come, it’s time to celebrate and there are many ways to celebrate. One of them is to plan a day trip or a weekend in Disneyland Paris. You think you can’t afford it? Follow my magic guide. 

If you are tired of Winter Wonderland, let me tell you that Disneyland Paris is just across the road… well, across the sea. I tried to find you the best deals I could and surprise, I managed to plan a day trip to the magic park for £109.



Planning a Christmas day trip like this one does not happen in one night, so rule number one is to plan in advance. This way you will find the cheapest prices. But planning ahead is not the only important thing, where to look for the best prices is also important.

Around mid-November, the famous Eurostar company organises crazy sales. You can book at this time very good deals like mine – £50 back and forth to Disneyland. This did include one connection in Lille (North of France), however.

Then you have to buy your tickets, which are usually very expensive. But again, find a good website to buy from. (Rule number two) I bought my one day, two parks tickets for £40 on a French website doing special offers on Disney trips approximately every month. On this website, you will also have the possibility to book half-priced hotel nights.

The last thing you have to pay for if you are not staying at a hotel is the bag deposit, I am always carrying too much stuff so if you are like me, you can drop your bags at the entrance of the park for 9£.

I had my breakfast when on the train and I prepared sandwiches for lunch because trust me, food in Disneyland is either bad or expensive.

I have to admit that I cracked on the sweets before taking the train. This is because to get to the station you are walking through an adorable Christmas market, and it is with a candy apple in my belly that I took the two hours and a half journey back to London.


I almost forgot to tell you the most important rule, rule number three: ENJOY!

If you are still unsure you want to go for this short but enchanted break watch my video:


Words and multimedia: Kiara VIGO l Subbing: Millie Richardson


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