600+exhibitors cooperate with Maggie’s Centre in Ideal Home Show Christmas 2019

The scale of the event increases every year and continues to provide high-quality services to customers. However, instead of earning profits, Ideal Home Show Christmas also encourages consumers to help cancerous people to rekindle hope for life.

Ideal Home Show, one of the biggest and most participated festival entertainments in the UK, is back in Olympia London for 2019’s Christmas. Starting from this Wednesday and ending on 24th November. This five-day-long event provides costumers with a vast market for seasonal necessity.

600+ exhibitors are showcasing on the ground floor of Olympia Venue. From Christmas handicrafts to winter-special bunch of flowers, sliver glitter jewellery to classic green and red toys for the children, interior decoration DIY inspiration to real “kitchen” experiences, self Christmas tree making to an actual wood house showing.

To highlight this event, the organiser invites the carol singers, and the nonstop bandstand live shows are running throughout the whole day. Consumers are bound to have an advanced sense of a warm Christmas day in the bustling atmosphere.

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“We not only aim to provide a shopping market for Christmas but also doing something more significant for people who need a valued Christmas gift.” Said Emily Browns, the ticket checker from Olympia London.

Sophia Evans, the organiser who is in charge of the area of Maggie’s Centre today. With her kindly explanation about Maggie’s Centre-it is a charitable organisation that intends to help people who suffer from various forms of cancer.

She also provides further details by saying: “Ideal Home Show and all the exhibitors offer us an excellent opportunity to gain more funds for next year. We appreciate all the bits of help, no matter how much you donate.”

Sophia continues that she is deeply impressed because of the influence of Ideal Home Show Christmas. Some consumers have told her if it weren’t for this show, they would have no idea about the charity and their contribution to cancer patients.

According to the official letter from Maggie’s Centre, in 2017, Olympia London and Ideal Home Show had raised £6,701.70 in total. The organisers of avenue and charity were satisfied with the amount, then decided to extend the partnership for two years.

In 2019, the new collaborative feature is made as all online tickets are sold along with voluntary donations to Maggie’s Centre.


For more information about Maggie’s Centre: https://www.maggiescentres.org/
For more on Ideal Home Show Christmas 2019: https://olympia.london/whatson/ideal-home-show-christmas 

Words: Yunxi Li

Images: Yunxi Li

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