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5 ways you can save money this party season

We all know how expensive it is to go out in London, here’s some tips on how you can save money if you’re a party animal.

Credit: Charlotte Racher

I may be smiling but inside I’m crying knowing that I could have made these drinks much cheaper at home, instead of having to work an entire shift to afford it!

Credit: Dipali Limbachia. Never, drink this much, even if there’s two of you!

So, here they are:

1. Buy advanced tickets for a night out, so plan earlier.

2. Take a big bag so you can squeeze your coat in, save that £2 to pay for some of your meal deal tomorrow.

3. Food! Make a packed lunch before you go out. That way you save £56 on buying food after a night out in London.

4. Pack your bag with suitable footwear, so you don’t need to buy a pair of flip flops on your way home.

5. Pre drink properly, but responsibly.





Words: Dipali Limbachia | Subbing: Charlotte Racher