17 million seconds to Mars

Insight into whether Mars will become our new home is underway! Humanity is a step closer to discovering its mysteries through their InSight mission. Nearly a century ago man made their fist steps on the Moon – How long will it take men to mark their first step in Mars?

From its launch, the mission took 205 days to complete; not considering pre-launch technical issues. Immense calculations and pre-programming went into the InSight aircraft, expanding the achievements of the human race. The next steps will define the security and understanding of Mars and its atmosphere, and whether or not we can live on Mars. A Nasa overview tells the story of how all of this came to be:

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For the next couple of weeks NASA will continue to investigate and update the public with new information. Will we be able to live on the moon? And will Elon Musk be the first Mars resident (as he told Axios on HBO)?

Words: Mariana Husek Maestro | Subbing: Maria Campuzano


One way ticket to Mars

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