BGT Auditions From Your Living Room

Words: Joanne Clark | Subbing: Bella Dawe

Britain’s Got Talent has announced that those who wish to audition for next year’s series can now do so through WhatsApp.

The makers of the show may be hoping the digital take on the regular audition process will attract young hopefuls who may find this method more accessible. Those who are successful could go through to the judge’s auditions in 2018.

But why now? Talent shows are always competing against one another – Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor have been in a ratings war for several years. BGT producers may be looking to increase the number of entries they will receive, by making the process easier in an effort to convince more people to take part.

The need to update the show is all the more important now that the show is in its tenth year. Are we going to have next year’s Celebrity Big Brother contestants sending in their audition videos through WhatsApp?

Although potentially easier and more efficient than the normal auditioning process, this could cause problems for those who rely on atmosphere and face-to-face auditions to get across their talent. How do you create the magic of a mind-bending magic trick or fire-breathing stunt through WhatsApp? How do you tell a joke to an empty room? The way you choose to audition may depend on your talent.

As easy as texting your friends, to apply for the “talent team” auditions, either send a video message or a link to a YouTube video to 07880394428.

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