Green light has been given on post-Brexit trading

Courtesy of Tero Vesalainen

European council president, Donald Tusk, on Friday gave a “green light” to post-Brexit trade discussions.

In a tweet he said: “Brexit conclusions adopted. Leaders green-light internal EU27 preparations for 2nd phase. #EUCO”.

Though a “green light” has been given, it is expected of the counterparts to make it known that not enough progress has been made on a Brexit withdrawal payment which will have a noticeable delay on things.

 May has had a planned breakfast with her 27 European counterparts in an attempt to speed Brexit trade talks further.

International student at the University of Westminster, Mariana Pisarro, 23, said: “Though I think it’s good that May is trying to press for negotiations, it makes zero to no sense as to why negotiations are taking place if Brexit is going forward.”

Home student at the University of Westminster, Jake Levell, 21, then went on to say: “I agree. It seems like May is full of nonsense and almost seems like she knows Brexit is a bad idea. Credits to her for trying to make it work somehow though, especially if it works out since it will be the best outcome of an other-wise not good situation. As the mayor of London has already said- it’s illogical.”


“It wouldn’t happen with a tennis club, or any club.”


Amidst May trying to find some form of a breakthrough throughout the Brexit talks, she is also trying to obtain a deal on Citizen’s rights which will benefit EU residents in the UK (as well as vice versa).

Politico reports that May has stated that the attempts for a Citizen’s rights deal are “within touching distance”. However, a UK official has made it clear that a disagreement is remaining. The online platform has also said: “The EU wants Britain to move further in offering reunion rights to migrants’ family members. Britain wants the EU to offer expats the right to live and work anywhere within the bloc, rather than just the single EU country where they currently reside.”

In contrast to May’s hopes, Khan spoke to the Evening Standard and said: “It’s illogical to assume we can have a better deal or as good a deal with the EU outside the EU. It wouldn’t happen with a tennis club, or any club.”



Words: Brenda Zini



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