Winter Wonderland is BACK!

It’s mid-November so that can only mean one thing. Grab your warmest coat and get yourself down to the land of all things winter: hot chocolate, mulled wine and a hell of a load of fake snow.  Yes, Winter Wonderland is back and you know you can’t resist. Even though we’ve been every year, the excitement never dies out. And this year is no different.

Christmas carols playing in the background. The smell of warm chestnuts. The little chalet-style market huts that make you feel like you’re in the mountains. Seeing your breath linger in the air every time you speak. If you’re not already feeling the Christmas spirit, Winter Wonderland really is the place to go. And whether you go with friends, family or with your partner, you’re sure to have a great day out!

This year Cirque Berserk is back with their all-new daredevil show Rebellion. From trapeze artists dangling 10ft above the ground holding on with only one leg, to five motorcyclists cramped into a splitting dome, the show is sure to keep you watching through your fingers.

If you’re feeling brave enough, go seek your own thrill on the many attraction rides available to you. That’s if you can justify £7 for 30 seconds of fun that is…


But if you don’t fancy watching a bunch of people potentially kill themselves, why not spend half an hour experiencing life as an Eskimo at Bar Ice? Just as the name suggests, the bar really is made of ice. But that’s not all. The minute you walk through that door, everything you ever thought of as a solid object disappears and you find yourself surrounded by temporary items – yes even cups don’t exist in there, they too are made of ice! (brrrr).

Carved ice sculpture

But if you’re saving up to buy Christmas presents and don’t want to spend too much, there’s still plenty you can do. There’s always the option of wandering through the traditional Christmas markets, picking up every item you see, admiring it and then putting it down because you realise just how pointless it really is. Alternatively, visit the Carousel bar and enjoy a comforting drink on the move.

Whatever you prefer, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy (even if it is just people watching)! And the best part is… it’s free to enter and look around!

Words: Louana Erard | Subbing: Erin Zhang
Photos: Louana Erard

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