Why every woman should do yoga while pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and responsible periods in the life of every woman. A woman not only starts thinking about herself and her own comfort but also starts to treat her child with care. 

It is especially important for a young mother to control her physical and emotional health. Doctors advise future mothers to carry on with exercises still but they should be easy and calm. This is why yoga can be the best choice for future young mothers to follow.

Isn’t it harmful for pregnant women to exercise yoga? This is one of the questions that people often ask. The question is simple, if taking the classes responsibly, correctly calculated and follow all the recommendations then they aren’t harmful at all- they are very useful.

During pregnancy the muscles of the whole body (especially the back and abs) experience statistic load and need relaxation, strengthening and stretching, which yoga offers. 

During yoga, the pelvic muscles are also participating in a training process in order to open the pelvis and make the muscles more elastic. This will help to reduce the injuries during birth for both the mother and child. 

Don’t forget about the correct breathing technique which is taught during yoga classes. This will help during contractions. Performing asanas helps to improve the blood circulation as well as enhance the blood circulation between the mother and the child and this prevents venous thrombosis. 

The way a woman feels during pregnancy is vital and non-stressful physical activity helps to control weight, ensure saturation of body tissues with oxygen, strengthen immunity and improve digestion.

During all 3 trimesters, it’s important to follow the right yoga guide for each of them.

First trimester: A warrior’s path

In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is important to exclude the poses which contain jumps, deep twists, bends and inverted poses; this can cause harm to a child and a mother. 

Also, don’t practice breathing exercises with both an increase in rhythm and a delay in breathing, instead choose to breathe deeply and evenly. 

To lower the strain on the back muscles, try the dog on three legs pose. The cat pose develops pelvic muscles and makes the press more elastic, but don’t try it too hard. The position of a hero works out the muscles of the whole body and trains the concentration of attention.

Second trimester: Easy as a butterfly

From week 12, it’s necessary to exclude all the exercises on the abdomen as well as those that require a long stay in the supine position. It is better to limit yourself from the postures with a load on one leg. 

From now a woman can do inverted exercises but following precautions. A beneficial effect on blood circulation is the position bent candle. It allows the blood to drain from the legs and simultaneously reduces the possibility of swelling by strengthening the body muscles. 

The butterfly position helps to relieve the discomfort of pulling sensations in the lower abdomen. The stand is performed in a prone position, but during pregnancy, it is better to put a roller under the head and back to be in a half-sitting position.

Third trimester: The tree will cause ease

The last weeks of pregnancy are the time of intensive preparation for the birth, so attention should be on exercises that improve the elasticity of the pelvic muscles and help to relax. 

From week 32, special attention should be paid to breathing exercise techniques. The tree position exercise is multifunctional; it makes the inner thigh muscles flexible, helps to straighten the spine, increase lung capacity (which is very important for breathing during childbirth), and improve blood flow in the upper shoulder girdle. It is best to do this exercise against the wall for support. 

The tailor’s position, one of the calmest yoga poses, is also called the pose of pleasure. This is a meditative exercise in which it is important to breathe correctly, taking another step towards harmony with your body and your future baby.

For future mothers who want to stay active and choose yoga as an exercise, it’s important to remember and follow a few steps. Firstly, even if you are home don’t do the exercises on your own, support may be needed at any time. 

Secondly, if you feel any discomfort it’s better to stop any type of exercise in order to not harm yourself, as well as the baby. In each trimester it’s important to consult a doctor and exercise with a qualified yoga trainer.

Yoga is a wonderful exercise that has fantastic benefits for both health and fitness. A spiritual practice that teaches self-control, proper relaxation, getting rid of negative thoughts and allows you to find harmony with yourself in this new state. Regular exercises, relieve insomnia, headaches and increase the mood with positive thoughts.

Dear women, let the yoga exercises bring you benefits and joy in every period of your life.

Words: Xenia Puiu

Images: Jared Looy on Unsplash, Janko Ferlic on Unsplash, Aditya Romansa on Unsplash, Jared Rice on Unsplash, Dane Wetton on Unsplash, Kaylee Garett on Unsplash, Dave Contreras on Unsplash

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