Why are people renting out their luxury rooms on Airbnb?

Airbnb has become one of the most popular platforms to book holiday accommodation. It
operates in approximately 81 thousand cities and 191 countries around the world.
Airbnb started as a cheap option to book holiday accommodations, but now it’s possible to find
beautiful contemporary homes, treehouses, castles and other extraordinary places in cities and
The platform has changed the way people travel by creating a community that want to have a
more personal experience with locals.
On the other hand, Airbnb empowers homeowners to get an income from their houses but why
do wealthy people decide to monetize their stylish rooms on Airbnb?
I decided to rent a room through Airbnb with Marilyn and Neil in Kent, two hours from London
and find out their story and how they started their Airbnb.

Words and video by: Amazonia Arrayo

Feature photo credit: Neil (homeowner)

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