What’s left after you’re gone? Nothing much, states this Japanese photographer

Words and pictures: Marija Tomsone | Subbing: Isabella Dawe

As Serbian poet and philosopher Dejan Stojanovic once said: “Absolute equals nothingness”. We are not sure this quote was the source for inspiration behind this particular exhibition, but it definitely made us think of it. The Voice of London Entertainment presents: Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Theatre Series within his collection of photographic works named Snow White.

Hiroshi Sugimoto is an award-winning Japanese photographer, who has his own recognizable style. He is the creator of the catalogue made of a number of photographic series, every one of which has similar themes and features. This year Sugimoto brought his Theatre Series – a collection where he captures drive-in, abandoned and Italian opera theatres. “What’s so special about taking pictures of theatres?” you will ask. Sugimoto has his own approach.

“If I already have a vision, my work is almost done. The rest is a technical problem.”

– Hiroshi Sugimoto

The photographer uses a long exposure of a single shot to capture millions of moving images during every film he’s working on. In the end, he gets pure white screen, showing the audience that no matter what kind of information they perceive, it is exactly what remains in their memory in the end. In another words, “everything is nothing”.

Here are some of the most memorable Sugimoto’s Theatre Series works. Terrifying yet beautiful, aren’t they?

The exhibition is open until 22 December 2017, so hurry up – only ten days left!
Moreover, it’s free and traveling there won’t give you much of headache – get off at Piccadilly Circus and go to Marian Goodman Gallery (5-8 Lower John St, London, W1F 9DY).

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