What your steak says about you

If there is one thing I will never refuse, it is a nice juicy steak, medium rare with potatoes any style. Throw in the peppercorn sauce and some mushrooms and you are sorted. “Ew medium rare!” I hear you cry, “disgusting, look at all that pink meat. You are so going to die.” You gasp.

The truth is, every steak is different, just like every person is. In Italy, legend says that if you walk into a restaurant and ask for your steak well-cooked, they send you somewhere else. I like mine medium rare and delicately pink. Perhaps to those who enjoy their steak anything but cooked through, we medium rare fans are considered monsters. Which begs the question – what does your steak say about you?

Image: Can I have steak please Source:weknowmemes

Blue – The one who rushed away

This is the rarest form of steak. It is quickly seared on the outside and raw inside. Like your steak, you haven’t got the time to wait for things to cook a little. Your busy mind means you like to work close to deadlines, but you also enjoy the pressure. Having said that, your warm appearance shows through on the outside to friends and family.

Rare – The traffic light dodger

Cooked a little more than blue, still pretty rare. You are the calm version of the one who rushed away yet you are somewhat of a Danger Mouse. You cross the road at the amber traffic light. You like to get things done fast but also like to take a moment to yourself and gather your thoughts – but only for a few minutes. Your fast-paced lifestyle makes you unique because not many people can work to your speed.

Medium rare – The walking yearly planner

Cooked almost through so it’s mostly pink with a nice sliver of red in the middle – a perfect balance. You always have an organiser in your bag and a larger version of it on your bedroom wall. Your organisational skills mean you get through deadlines but still manage to find time for fun. You get so much done in the week, friends think there are two of you.

Medium – The Malcom in the middle

Pink throughout. This steak is the best of both worlds. A rare yet cooked bit of meat. This can have an impact on your life, however, sometimes you are left on the fence about your decisions. People like to confide in you because you present them with two pathways rather than the one.

Medium well – The one who stares at art in galleries

Mostly brown with a very small amount of pink showing. You are the thinker. You settle on decisions after weighing up the options.You choose an idea and stick to it. Maybe a little slower than the walking yearly planner, you need time to prepare for your deadlines. Perhaps a week. The small amount of pink shows a wild side hidden deep down, which you like to let out on the rare ocassion.

Well done – The one who joined the dark side

Cooked throughout. You are the one who takes their time for everything. There may be a schedule in your life but it’s rarely used. Your slow pace is not always a disadvantage, however. Once commited to something, you are meticulous with the details and your speed means you give your time to every little bit of your project.

However you like your steak, we are all linked in this world by one small common fact – we all like a side of fries to go with our steak.



Words: Melina | Subbing: Amelia Walker-Hall

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