Uber continues to drown

Today the giant company was struck by more bad news. Uber officially lost its latest legal battle in the UK after an appeal was ruled against them stating that drivers should be regarded as ‘workers’ instead of ‘self-employed’ individuals.


Uber is already struggling to keep their license in the UK after Transport for London threatened to remove it. However there are two stages remaining for the company to appeal this latest ruling, the first is through the Court of Appeal and ultimately the Supreme Court. The company stated that they will continue to appeal the case until they reach a favourable decision.

The outcome of this case is critical for the company, as they have over 40,000 registered drivers in London  alone. If they lose the case, that means the company will have to pay the minimum wage to all drivers as well as provide them with holiday pay.

In addition, they would have to schedule drivers for shifts instead of allowing them to work freely. Tax bills could also increase, as they will likely have to pay employers’ insurance.

Opinion online seems to lean towards the driver’s rights rather than supporting the company’s stance.





Words: Kate Reichardt I Subbing: Stephany Malcolm

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