Two people stabbed at Sony Music’s London HQ

Met Police on the streets. (Credit: Postdlf via wikimedia.rog)

Witnesses saw one man standing over the victim, stabbing him repeatedly before he was stopped by colleagues.

The incident took place at around 11am today at Sony Music’s headquarters on Derry Street. A man was arrested after the incident in Kensington’s record label’s office. The Metropolitan police said they were called shortly after it happened. The London ambulance and firearm officers arrived at the scene right after the call.

“At this time, we believe two people are injured,” the police said. “One person, who is believed to be behind the incident, has been arrested and at this stage we are not looking for anyone else.”

The condition of the injured people are unknown. No firearms were involved and police said the incident is believed to be over.

A member of Sony staff told the Standard he saw a man pinned to the floor in the canteen in the “aftermath” of the stabbing and there was “blood everywhere”.

The Sony Music building began evacuating staff shortly after 11am, because of the violent brawl inside.

Police officers with armed with guns crowded Derry Street during the incident. They moved out staff and blocked off the side street, opposite The Independent’s offices.

Twitter users posted footage of an individual being taken away in an ambulance.

A statement by The Independent added: “Two members of the catering team were involved in a violent altercation. The incident is now in the hands of the Metropolitan Police.”

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Words: Duha Ali | Subbing: Sorcha Gilheany

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