Top five gory horror films

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With Halloween around the corner, horror movies are the go-to entertainment. Here are the top five goriest horror films to watch (except maybe not before dinner!)

5) Jennifer’s Body

This 2009 horror flick flew under the radar and was critically panned upon its release. It has since gained a cult following, and has plenty of gory moments. Needy (Amanda Seyfried) is a nerdy bookworm and best friends with Jennifer (Megan Fox), a popular cheerleader. After a botched sacrifice leaves Jennifer with a taste for men’s flesh, Needy must stop her before it’s too late. This film expertly portrays female friendships and how complex they are, with an added twist of guts and gore.

4) My Bloody Valentine (2009)

This is a remake of the 1981 film. A slasher centered around a young man named Tom (Jensen Ackles), who returns home to his small town on the tenth anniversary of the Valentine’s Day massacre. Instead of a warm homecoming, he is instead framed for the murders. This film has plenty of guts and blood as the killer makes a return, terrorizing the town.

3) Shaun Of The Dead

A more light-hearted film on this list, Shaun Of The Dead is still gory. When Shaun (Simon Pegg) finds himself with no direction in life, a zombie apocalypse happens. Now, with the people he loves and grudgingly accepts – Shaun must protect them in the safest place he knows: The Winchester, which is a local pub. It’s not as gory as the previous two, but when the guts start to fly, it goes all out.

2) Scream

This film is a love-letter to and reinvented the horror genre. After her mother is murdered a year prior, Sidney (Neve Campbell) realises that the murders are happening again, and someone took their love of horror films too far. This is a slasher, with killing left, right and center. There is a murder in the first five minutes of the film, and the blood does not stop flowing during the hour and 40 minute runtime.

1) Dawn of the Dead (1978)

This is the definitive zombie film, with George A. Romero (the grandfather of the zombie genre) in the director’s seat. The film follows a group of survivors who hide out in a shopping center, using the shops available in order to survive. It is the ultimate gorefest; zombies eat people, heads are chopped off, zombies and people die. This is a fantastic film, which is a must-watch this Halloween.

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Words: Katie Bird Sub-editor: Ivan Zhelev 



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