The Verdict on Dyson’s New Airwrap Hair Tool

Photo taken from Dyson's website

“What should I do with my hair today?” – this is a question that many of us ask every single morning. The Dyson Airwrap is supposed to solve this problem. It is quick and easy to use, while still giving you that fresh-out-of-the-salon feel. Here we gather all we know about the new hair tool and answering the question – is it worth £400?

If you jump in the shower and wash your hair, you barely have time to blow dry it, not to mention style it. If you skip the shower and just curl/straighten your hair, you end up feeling greasy for the rest of the day. Then enters Dyson’s Airwrap – the Sherlock Holmes to all your hair problems.


Two years ago, Dyson launched its Supersonic Hair Dryer and it turned heads in the beauty world. It made drying hair faster without drilling out your eardrums while outweighing any of its predecessors with the futuristic design. Dyson has ditched any traditional thinking on hairdryers and broke the boundaries of engineering, bringing its innovative manipulation of airflow from its vacuum cleaners to its hairdryers, and now its hair styling tool. So, understandably, the expectations for the new Dyson Airwrap were as high as it can be.


Dyson Airwrap Styler, £400

So what does the Airwrap styler actually do? It styles wet hair, brings less damage to your hair than traditional heating tools and comes with multiple styling accessories. This is how it works: using aerospace technology (called the Coanda effect), the airflow generated by the motor is used to create a spinning vortex of air within and around the curling barrel. Because of this aerodynamic ‘rule’, our hair wraps itself around the barrel and dries in a curl. Six years of development by 200 engineers and scientists and a whopping 642 prototypes later, Dyson has brought the beauty industry to its knees in excitement.


Vogue’s Lauren Murdoch-Smith said the Airwrap Styler is going to change the way we style hair forever: “The first couple of times you try it, it’ll feel odd. But there’s no finger or forehead burning and nothing to catch or trap your hair on but you will have to re-educate yourself in the way you style.”

Elle’s Kristina Rodulfo said: “I tried the dryer, round brush, paddle brush, and both sizes of the barrel. Every single one gave hair the same finish: Extremely shiny, soft, smooth hair. My hair has never looked that healthy after heat-styling. It also has never looked that voluminous and bouncy. “

Grazia’s Hannah Coates thinks this new Dyson product is definitely on her Christmas list: “As far as products go, little truly leaves me speechless – but when I see the Airwrap styler in action for the first time, I was genuinely gobsmacked (mouth open, catching flies and everything).”

Glamour’s Lottie Winter tried out the airwrap, loved the airwrap, and had only one thing to say summing up her experience: “Dyson, you’ve done it again…”

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Words by Ngoc Minh Thu Le | Subbing: Lucija Duzel, Vanessa Craus

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