The Top Job Skills New Graduates Lack  


A recent study lists the lacking work skills amongst recent graduates that employers want.

Reporter: Alina Isachenka | Sub-Editor: Mariya Grinina



Do you think you’ve got enough skills to get a job?  According to a recent study by Payscale,  in partnership with the Future Workplace company, 87 per cent of recent graduates feel confident they will get employed. However,  only 50 per cent of the hiring managers agree with them.

According to the study,  the top skills that are lacking amongst the recent graduates are writing proficiency and public speaking. The ability of critical thinking is the number one missing skill per the report, 60 per cent of hiring managers agreed.

“Graduates need strong communication and problem-solving skills if they want to interview well and succeed in the workplace, because effective writing, speaking and critical thinking enables you to accomplish business goals and get ahead,” said Dan Schawbel, research director at Future Workplace.

While the lack some skills will prevent a recent graduate from getting a job, the survey also listed the best emerging skills that provide the biggest salary boost.

With the emergence of the tech industry, IT skills are to lead the way: the knowledge of Scala programming language for instance will pay you an extra 22 per cent of annual salary and the Go language would add an additional 20 per cent. A good reason to sign up for an IT training class, isn’t it?

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