The John Lewis Christmas advert leaving viewers confused

Image: Wikimedia Commons
Words: Bernadette Galbraith | Subbing: Joanne Clark

The highly anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert was finally revealed today and it starred a new loveable mascot for the festive season, called Moz the Monster.

There are many different elements and traditions for people when it comes to the festive season. For some, it’s only Christmas once Oxford Street is dazzling from head to toe with floating angels and mistletoe. For others, it’s the annual traditions that dominate the living room. The classic Coca Cola truck advert has been a regular favourite but in more recent years, the John Lewis advert has also become a talking point due to warming the nation’s hearts.

In previous years they’ve had Buster the Boxer and Monty the Penguin becoming a solid element of the campaign’s slogan, ‘gifts that everyone will love’ and this year, they’ve continued the theme with Moz the Monster. Moz is of course a figure of the child’s imagination, a common occurrence for young children, he resides under his bed and consequently gives him sleepless nights.

However, it seems the advert has received disappointed reactions from the many eagerly awaiting its arrival. John Lewis have built a reputation from previous years, being a guaranteed tear-jerker but instead of touching viewer’s hearts, they’ve been left feeling cold and rather confused.

Many took to Twitter to express their confusion.

As Christmas day arrives, the young boy is left a parcel from Moz, which turns out to be a night light. That evening he places the light by his bed, switches it on and to his amazement Moz disappears. With Moz gone, the young boy is now able to rest peacefully, knowing he won’t disturb his sleep.

The message is simple enough but with the boy and monster seemingly becoming good friends over time, it didn’t quite add up when he was suddenly happy to see him gone.

Music has also consistently been an important element of their adverts, embracing big hits including Oasis’ Man on the Moon, back in 2015. Despite rumours that George Michael would be the voice behind the soundtrack this year, Mancunian rockers Elbow were unveiled covering The Beatles Golden Slumbers. 

On the whole, this has received positive appraisal, with it being reported that they are now set to enter the race for the Christmas number one spot.

Make your own judgement by checking out John Lewis’ 2017 Christmas advert below!

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