‘The government will make the final Christmas decisions’ ,the head of Public Health of England reveals

Photo by: @jonathanborba | Unsplash

Dr Susan Hopkins announces on the coronavirus briefing today that it is up to the government to decide how the Christmas will look like this year.

Dr Hopkins is a head of Public Health England and a healthcare epidemiologist consultant at Imperial College London.

She says that there is a high possibility for Christmas to be “as close to normal as possible” but also warns that “for every day that we release, we will need two days of tightening.”

Public Health England’s Dr Susan Hopkins, also reveals that the majority of people are wearing face masks and following the coronavirus restrictions.

On the coronavirus data briefing today the Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser Angela McLean announces that SAGE has planned households mixing over Christmas.

At the No10 briefing, she adds: “What is really important is that we go into a festive week, when we want to mix with our friends and family, the number of infections in the community is as low as possible.”

The Head of NHS in England, Professor Stephen Powis, shares that the NHS are “working incredibly hard to ensure that we are ready to deploy vaccines” and to receive an approval from the regulators so they can proceed with the vaccines procedures.

He highlights that they will try to use many traditional vaccine procedures but will also implement new ways of delivering vaccines such as creating “vaccine centres.”

Words by: Vanya Petyova | Subbing: Grace Staley

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