The era of lip fillers: Why are they so popular?

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Cosmetic surgery is falling but the aesthetic procedures, from lip to cheek fillers are at a boom. Instagram influencers and YouTube stars are constantly promoting these trends among the millennials.

Why is the aesthetic medicine so popular?

The fillers and especially “lip job” isn’t a recent phenomenon. Two years ago, lip augmentation was the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment, according to The surprise is that even after fillers moved from their ‘trout pout’ reputation to the modern working woman’s’ “improvement” of choice.

Kylie Jenner, whose estimated net-worth is £30m, owns the company Kylie Cosmetics that provides a large selection of lip products. In 2015, she confirmed her lips had been artificially augmented with lip filler and that became a huge factor in their popularising. In the US, plastic surgeons highlighted an increase of 50% in lip augmentations between 2000 and 2016.

Things are not different in the UK. The reality show “Love Island” significantly encouraged the lip-puffers. In fact, according to the IndependentSISU Aesthetics Clinics has reported a 200% increase in demand for lip fillers, after one of the contestants has undergone a fair amount of cosmetic surgery. As reported by the Independent: “Pop culture personalities tend to pique interest in certain treatments,” SISU CEO Pat Phelan said. “But the Love Island phenomenon is on a whole new level,” he added.

What is filler?

Hyaluronic fillers, made of hyaluronic acid are the most commonly used fillers. They are gel-like injectable material and used for procedures, such as smoothing wrinkles, volume recovery and skin lifting, facial contours, and lip augmentation. The most popular fillers are the temporary ones, which replace the natural human tissue and remain in the skin for 6 to 18 months before their complete breakdown.

What about the procedure?

The injection is relatively painless. Still, specialists usually use different types of local anaesthetics. Another use of hyaluronic acid is mesotherapy. This procedure is a viable method for hydrating the face and smoothing wrinkles as well as preventing them from forming.

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If you are tempted by lip fillers, you should know all the facts first. Dr. Filianna Filipova, an aesthetic surgeon, gave her expert opinion to the Voice of London:

Dr. Filipova, what is hyaluronic acid and why is it so important?

The hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin. However, over time, its production decreases and this is why the baby’s skin has this softness and elasticity, compared to the skin of an adult. The reduction of HA in our skin significantly reduces its properties, which leads to dehydration, an appearance of wrinkles, and loss of facial volume.

How is HA used in the aesthetic medicine?

Usually, we use stabilised hyaluronic acid fillers to regain volume. This is an absolutely safe procedure, and is made in a completely natural way. HA fillers are used to enhance face parts, such as lips, cheekbones, but also in the nose, chin adjustment, face contouring, and mesotherapy. Of course, the types and structure of the used fillers depend on the different procedures.

Can you explain more about the procedure itself?

Usually, the procedure lasts about 30 minutes. Before starting, it is important to tell your doctor whether you are taking any medication, and if have any common illnesses, allergies or have had previous aesthetic procedures in the same area. Injection takes just a few minutes. It is very important to keep your body hydrated in the coming days. Ask your doctor about the amount of water you need to drink daily and keep the dose for at least a week. It is also important to avoid a beach, solarium, sauna, intensive training and anything that can dehydrate your body after the procedure.

Are there side effects?

When it comes to side effects, we can say that redness, swelling or bruising may occur, but it doesn’t happen very often. The most common side effect is oedema, which is usually relatively mild and self-limiting. There is also a possibility of formation of small irregularities, so your doctor may advise you to massage lightly during the first few days.

What happens if a patient is not happy with the result?

The advantage of hyaluronic acid fillers is that they break down to 100% in the body after six to nine months. Another important fact is that each doctor who places fillers can use an eraser enzyme which instantly dissolves the filler and returns the lips to their natural shape. So, in case you are disappointed with the result, we can correct it right away.

What do you think about the “filler-obsession” that has led many women to make more and more face-corrections, in order to get the “perfect look”?

 Usually, those are young girls who want to achieve aesthetic perfection. Unfortunately, at one point, they lose a sense of symmetry and want more and more “improvements” on their face. For us, it is very difficult to explain this and draw a line because they are convinced of their own idea of beauty. Also, there is another type of middle-aged patients who get too many fillers but we have to admit that it is quite tempting for them. They use expensive products, cosmetic procedures, and do their best aiming to turn back the time.

The following video may include potentially sensitive content.

Doubtlessly, these days, lip-alterations are on the cosmetic agenda more than ever. Celebrities, businesswomen, and even students clearly want their mouths to make a statement before they even open it. Beauty ideals change all the time and who knows what the future holds.

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