Surviving London Episode 1: Welcome to the city jungle

London is the largest city in the UK with over 8 million residents, speaking over 300 languages. To say the least this urban city can be described as a jungle.

Our podcast, Surviving London, is all about the young Londoner’s experiences. We open up conversations with young people on issues they face whilst living in the city. There will be lots and lots of stories – some hilarious, some touching so stay tuned.

In our first episode, our host – Abigail Obina – delves into the topic of housing in London. From student living to the ongoing housing crisis to street crime in London, she speaks with a young media freelancer, Rachael Brown and a third year student, Jose Lumanlan on their personal housing experiences.

Want to listen to Rachael and Jose’s story? Click below:

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Our second episode of Surviving London is out now!

Got only two minutes? Have a quick listen to:


Words: Abigail Obina | Illustration: Sarah Obina | Music credit: | Audio credit: see links in soundcloud


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