Sugar bells, sugar bells: The Christmas hot drinks with the highest calorie content have arrived

Winter is coming and the red cups, syrups, sprinkles, and marshmallows are everywhere! Yes, it’s Christmas season once again, which means it’s time to swap the iced cold lattes for something a bit warmer and cosier, because who needs to worry about their summer bodies now?

Britain’s favourite coffee shops seem to up their game every year, bringing us more indulgence, a wider selection and of course, more sugar to keep us warm for a chilly winter ahead.

A coffee or hot chocolate in a festive cup seems like an ideal way to cosy up, but it is probably not the greatest idea to have them daily. Why? Because all those tempting syrups and creams can send the calorie and fat content through the roof, with some accounting for nearly your entire daily recommended sugar intake (25g or 6 tablespoons to be exact) in just a single cup.  We know these drinks can be pretty hard to resist, but the next time the barista asks you if you would like cream on top, you might be better off saying no. You know, just to be on the safe side.


We have thoughtfully gathered a list of those Christmas drinks that are worth being on your occasional cravings radar.

Billionaire Hot Chocolate by Costa

It is the only drink on all coffee shop Christmas menus to exceed 600 calories. Its large cup hits the 660 calorie mark, which sums up more than a quarter of your recommended daily allowance in just a single drink. The sugar content does not linger far behind, with a shockingly high 78.9 grams of sugar in a cup, the equivalent to 3.3 Mars bars.

The Billionaire’s Frostino- the iced frappe version of the same drink – contains 140 fewer calories and is here to save the day if you are looking for a healthier version. The only downside is the ice, which is most probably responsible for the fewer calories, but it definitely is not the drink to reach for to keep you warm during the chilly winter ahead.

Black Forest Hot Chocolate by Costa

This being the second highest calorie drink by Costa on our list, makes it seem like the brand loves their whipped cream. The Black Forest Hot chocolate is an iconic Costa classic and the ultimate fan favourite, which sparked outrage after a recipe change in 2016. The choco is now back to its original recipe, but since the beverage is so iconic, we think the 528 calories and 60g of sugar are definitely worth the indulgent.

The Frostino is slightly lighter on the calories, but not as healthy as we would like it to be. Coming at 507 calories, it even contains four more grams of fat than its warmer sibling drink.


Cafeé Nero’s Hot Chocolate Milano

Hazelnut Milano- Caffè Nero


For this merry Christmas season, Caffè Nero offers a unique, thick, molten chocolate combined with hazelnut syrup. The hot chocolate is quickly turning into a festive favourite with its 519 calories per cup and 49.3 grams of sugar. Nevertheless, the drink’s 25.6g of fat is not the most ideal for a perfect figure. The Clementine version is slightly healthier, at 500 calories a cup.

Gingerbread Coffee Frappuccino- Starbucks

The last choice on our list is one of the most calorific coffee-based drinks. Though it only contains an approximate of 471 calories, which is 200 fewer calories than the billionaire hot chocolate, its sugar content makes up for calories with a shockingly high 68.4g or three large Mars bars to be exact.

After swotting up on the calories of your favourite drinks, would you still drink them?


Words: Alexandra Baneva| Subbed: Kate Kulniece


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