StucK: From travelling back in time to fighting for freedom

Image: Georgi Lolov

StucK is not just a regular fantasy short film about time travelling or time-space and its aim is not just to entertain audiences, but to expose real-life issues that affect humanity today – especially young people. It is a film that shows how people are willing to do anything in order to get what they want and, in most cases, they do that at any cost without thinking about the consequences. Above all, the film shows that freedom is one of the most valuable things in life and people will do anything to pursue it.

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StucK (Short Film) from George Lolov on Vimeo.


We follow the story of two male characters Joe and Nick who accidentally meet each other but, as time passes, they both realise their meeting is not just a coincidence – it is much more than that. StucK focuses on a conflict between two young men who have to accomplish a mission which will change their lives forever. Both of them are looking for something which later on will decide their future.

The film is written by Lolov brothers, it is directed, shot and edited by Georgi Lolov. Joe is played by Hristo Lolov whose aim is to find a particular relic which is really important for him, but as he is looking for it, Joe realizes that he is not the only one searching for it. Nick is played by Hristo Stamatiadis. His character is cruel, ruthless and desperately trying to get the same relic which Joe is looking for.

One of the most interesting qualities of this short film is that it sends a message to young people, to remind them that their time and freedom are things that should not be taken for granted. The quality of acting is admirable and the shots are of a professional standard, despite the small cast and the actors only being in their 20s.

Although the same cannot be said for the fighting scenes. The transition phases of a few of them are not smooth enough and the actual shooting is rushed at some places.

StucK is made for anyone who is deeply interested in fantasy but it is a must-watch short film for young people – simply because of the impact it causes and the social issues which the film raises. 

Words: Martin Yonchev

Featured image: Georgi Lolov

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