Social Media – The master of Makeup during lockdown

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Makeup artists have been sidelined during this pandemic. It is a struggle for those whose income comes from touching faces, lips and noses for a living.

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror” – Khalil Gibran

What makes a woman feel beautiful? It is often when someone tells her she is such, or when she wears a killer outfit, or maybe when she receives hundreds of likes on the gram. Aside these factors, makeup is arguably one of the biggest sources of what makes an individual feel beautiful. 

Unfortunately, the lockdown has meant that people have been unable to go out into the world and show off their skills. But, social media has actually enabled content creators to get creative with their makeup brushes and create wild and fancy new looks.

According to an article in the BBC, the increasing use of masks has meant that there has been a decline in the sale of lip products from 14% to 12%, while eyeshadows and mascara sales have been on the rise. As well as there being a shift in makeup sales, it is safe to say that the lockdown has had an effect on the beauty industry, specifically on those with small businesses. 

Voice of London spoke to two upcoming makeup artists virtually concerning how the lockdown has affected them and their businesses.

Milan, 22, the CEO of Milmadeuk and Sknappeal, delved into the psychology of makeup during a pandemic as well as how social media has been a spring board for her. 

Aside from the effects that the lockdown has had on business, there has clearly been a psychological impact that it has had on makeup artists. For individuals who thrive off of face to face contact theirs is a somewhat sense of loneliness that the lockdown has created.

“It has affected me deeply. I now need to look at things in a whole different light. I have to find other ways to excel in this industry.”

When asked about her clientele Milan admitted that she missed seeing her clients happy and feeling super confident. “It’s so rewarding because if I have made one person happy then I feel like my time on earth has been used wisely.” 

Milan went on to say “I have found a new passion for content creating.” The 22 year old added, “even though I may not be able to do my clients makeup, I can use myself to create some cool content for my social media.” 

Social media has been the pinnacle of the lockdown and as mentioned before, social media has birthed an even more creative side for MUAs. “More challenges have been created and the beauty industry has definitely taken over platforms such as TikTok.”

The makeup professional went on to add “I have been sharing my work more during the lockdown in hopes to increase my engagement and receive more opportunities.”

Optimistically, the 22 year old added that there were many ways to keep a brand in peoples minds, and that social media is doing exactly that. 

Photos by @Milmadeuk on Instagram

Birmingham based artist Esther Ankama, 21, said “I wasn’t able to take bookings or when it is most busy for special seasons such as proms and weddings.” Interestingly, Ankama did mention that there was an increase in bookings during the summer period, but people were not making appointments for their birthdays as they usually do. 

“The beauty industry has changed as it has made some of us become more creative with things like online tutorials to keep connected with clients or followers.”

“I miss doing makeup regularly because I’m able to meet different and returning clients and make them feel special for their occasions.”

The 21 year old also commented on how she enjoys the balance between her law degree and doing something a bit more creative. Despite 2020 being a rollercoaster, Esther did agree that the coronavirus has birthed more of a creative side. 

“Lockdown forced me to be more creative by recording looks on myself, which I wouldn’t usually do. There was a period where I was genuinely stuck on what sort of content to film.” Ultimately, Esther credits social media as one of the biggest tools in which she has been able to promote her brand, and upload tutorials on not just herself but her friends too.

It is safe to say that Instagram and Twitter have become the bridge in which creatives are able to express themselves freely, reaching all corners of the world, without having to leave their homes. 

Photos by @ea.esthetics_ on Instagram

Words: Salimotu Shobowale | Subbing: Karolina Pracht

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