Shawn Mendes’ fourth album ‘Wonder’ is out now

Photo credit: @ShawnMendes on Twitter

Following his first Netflix Documentary, Shawn Mendes released his fourth album ‘Wonder’ today.

Shawn Mendes came out with 14 new songs in Wonder, some of which he had teased on his Netflix Documentary. The album consists of a mix of genres ranging from up beat songs to emotional ballads. The 22 year old shared his excitement with fans on Twitter.

The album cover features the words ‘in wonder’ in Mendes’ hand writing. The songs explore the development of the artist’s love life, friendships and fame with a combination of strong vocals and harmonies. Another handwritten note thanks fans for their love and support, showing Mendes’ sincerity.

The Netflix documentary Shawn Mendes: In Wonder that came out on the 23rd of November showed a glimpse of Mendes’ struggles as a musician and the process of the preparation for Wonder.

You can listen to all 14 songs here on Spotify’s enhanced playlist:

Words: Begum Kuruc | Subbing: Zakia N

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