Say no to chlorinated chicken: anti-Trump protest in central London

Source: War on Want

Protesters are expected to hit London’s Parliament Square mid-day tomorrow, Saturday 24 October, to campaign against a proposed UK/US trade deal.

The Metropolitan police are standing by to follow the demonstration, which has been organised by a mixture of celebrities, NHS staff and Sian Berry, the co-leader of the Green Party.


It is expected that hundreds of people will storm the streets of London in front of the Houses of Parliament, raising their voices against what they see as a threat to British “standards, services and democracy”.

The deal, which is currently being negotiated, impacts a range of different sectors, such as the NHS and the UK food industries. It may result, protesters argue, in greater deregulation of food standards.

President Trump has spoken out previously against EU regulations regarding chlorinated chicken, pigs injected with steroids and hormone-treated beef. UK critics worry about the impact on British farmers and consumers.

As Halloween is just around the corner protesters are being encouraged to show up in their most scary and effective Halloween costumes, to show the intensity of their anger.

The protest will take action both online and offline, for those who do not feel safe to attend in person.

Voice of London will be reporting from the protest tomorrow.

Words: Yasmin Sakki | Subbing: Sam Tabahriti

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