Say goodbye to boring cardio

Most of us are looking forward to all different kinds of Halloween parties over the weekend. What we expect is fancy dresses, non-stop alcohol, unaccountable sweets and oh my, the best drunken food. Now for all of you out there, here are the three most efficient ways to help you to get rid of the guilty sense from over-partying, as soon as possible!

Photo credit: Erin Zhang


Boxing is just full of fun. It’s all about engagement, whole-body movement and concentration. You can either choose to learn from a professional coach or join a boxing class. Nowadays you could easily find them in any London gyms. If you would find these two options too pricy, an absolute free way to enjoy the combat feeling is to pair up with a friend and simply follow a YouTube boxing instruction channel. Boxing enables you to sweat maximum level and it’s generally seen as the best cardio workout in terms of weight losing. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting angry while you are doing it, that’s the call of your human nature!

Photo credit: @Rush_athletics


First of all, don’t be afraid if you have never done skipping before in your life. All you need is a rope and just jump. Skipping constantly puts your heart rate at a high level and it’s also a good practice for the coordination of your body. There are a lot of techniques when it comes to skipping, such as double under, cross over, and side swing etc. The fun adds up if you could learn them. In addition to that, skipping is pretty much mobile. You can do it literally everywhere. Out of all three options, skipping is the cheapest. Most importantly, it looks fancy on camera and definitely makes you standout from all of your training crew!

Photo credit: @Shivloveslife


If you are not really an indoor workout person, cycling in London could perhaps be the best option for you. From Brighton to Chiltern, the wide range of cycling routes meets every single expectation you would have for an outdoor exercise. It’s definitely a good runaway from the city over the weekend. Changing the view from the concrete to the mild landscape could always help you to release the stress. Forget about going to the pub or playing board games at home. You will enjoy the company so much more when you get to encourage each other to defeat the fear and exhaustion and push the limit higher and higher. Why not just start with a city trip and going around the riverside? Let the wind brush out the hangover feeling.

Words: Erin Zhang | Subbing: Aylin Paula Karanis

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