Revealed: The top 7 things you should never do in your night time routine

We all know London as a metropolitan, diverse and ambitious destination that almost all tourists want to visit in their lifetime.

But for many locals, it’s an expensive and at times draining city to be living in. It isn’t unusual that Londoners tend to complain about being more stressed, more tired and having a lower tolerance for coping with crowdedness around the city.

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In the midst of the exasperating lifestyle that comes with living in the capital, there is just one thing to remember: stick to a good night time routine.

Watch the video below to learn the top seven things you should avoid as you prepare to fall asleep.

So what should you be doing instead?

Below are some healthy alternatives that will benefit your sleep at night, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for a new day in the city.

1. Reading – Instead of using your phone, try reading a book or a magazine. Stick to physical copies rather than your e-reader or kindle, as these devices also emit blue light which prevents your body from regulating sleep.

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2. Listening to music – Calming music will enable your brain to relax and unwind. Listen to music while staying off your phone, create a playlist or listen to radio stations like Classic FM.

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3. Consistent hydration – Drink plenty throughout the day rather than all at once at night. Be sure to use the bathroom before bed to avoid disturbing your sleeping pattern.

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4. Yoga – Yoga is a much slower and calmer form of exercise that will not cause your brain to over-stimulate before bed. It is a safe and effective way to increase flexibility, balance and strength plus allowing time for self-reflection.

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5. Light snack – Plain snacks like a small bowl of cereal or a few crackers with cheese are a much healthier option than a large meal. Eating around three hours before bed will prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease and indigestion.

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6. Caffeine free drinks – Green and chamomile tea are two examples of healthier fluids to drink before going to sleep. They are proven to help digest food, control blood pressure and calm the mind which is perfect for ending a long day. Green tea has much less caffeine than coffee, while chamomile has none at all.

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7. Better communication – Talking about your feelings beforehand and controlling the tone of voice are both ways to refrain from serious arguments. Whilst not all issues are easy to solve, these methods can give you a much better chance of having a good night’s sleep.

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When living in London, you cannot avoid being confronted by waves of traffic, noise and pollution no matter where you go. Giving your body the time to relax and wind down at the end of the day is therefore just as important as having a disciplined morning routine, and vital for your overall health.

Words and video: Jessica Kwan | Subbing: Asya Gadzheva

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