Quick and Easy Halloween Eye Makeup: Get Ready in 3 minutes

It is time for trick or treat, enjoy the Halloween vibe!

These makeup can be seen even with a mask on!


  • Little Pumpkin:

Extend the eyeliner back along the root of the eyelashes to form the mouth of a small pumpkin.

Then, draw three to four straight lines to form the cracks in the mouth.

Finally, draw three small triangles above the little pumpkin’s mouth, the eyes and the thinner nose in the middle, and you are done!


  • Little Ghost:

After finishing the inner lash line, there is no need to extend it at the end of the eye.

Use a white eyeliner to draw one or two slender horizontal commas at the end of the eye, then use the black eyeliner to point out the eyes and mouth of the little ghost.


Tips: Use waterproof black eyeliner, so that your makeup can last longer and be more pigmented.

Photo and Design by: Catherine Chu

Words by: Catherine Chu

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