Plans for Camden’s Cockpit Yard redevelopment set in motion

The 18th century craft and creative space is in line for a 21st century revamp.

Reporter: Emily Fortune | Sub-Editor: Yasmin Jeffery

The new design for Cockpit Yard | (designing buildings)

The new design for Cockpit Yard | (Designing Buildings)

A redesign of Camden’s award-winning Cockpit art space and the neighbouring Holborn library is currently in the proposal stages and awaiting planning permission. Many who use the space are disappointed about the plans, as it means the library’s extensive archive will need to be moved to an off-site location to fit 105 new residential apartments.

Coffey Architects, the developers behind the project, want the space to become a hub for local creative businesses. They estimate it will generate an impressive £3.75 million for the economy, along with the profits from the sale of the new residential units, meaning the plans will cost nothing for the taxpayer.

Although the new space is tipped to be a cultural and creative haven for the city, the Chief Executive of the Cockpit Arms commented on the project, saying the remodel “is not as good as the one we have at present”.

Despite the controversy surrounding the plans, it is hoped the new space will attract a range of creative young Londoners.

Theo Blackwell, the Cabinet Member for Finance and Technology, commented on the upcoming redevelopment: “This appointment will see the remodelling of this valuable mixed use space with a modern public library and archive and employment space at no cost to the taxpayer – additionally it will provide much needed affordable housing options for the community.”



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