Not your usual Black Friday

Graphics by: Sam Tabahriti

Black Friday is finally here, but as with most things this year it’s not necessarily what you’d expect. This Cyber weekend doesn’t have to be just another excuse to replenish your wardrobe or buy the latest tech, this time around it could be the perfect opportunity to use your annual savings while supporting a good social cause.  

Many companies are starting to reconsider their business models and overall role in society, giving more importance to issues such as climate change, sustainability and gender equality.

As a result, a growing number of brands have decided to do something different this Black Friday, to support a greater cause. Either by redirecting their campaigns to raise awareness or even by supporting charities through donations. 



“This has been a year like no other. This should then be a Black Friday like no other… A Black Friday in which we give instead of take.” This is how MISBHV announced its reconception of Black Friday.

The Polish streetwear brand will be donating 100% of its Black Friday sales to three different organisations: World Health Organisation, UNICEF and Centrum Praw Kobiet. 


Photo by: Allbirds Green Friday Mail Campaign

  • Allbirds 

Increasing prices instead of slashing them? May sound crazy at first but it may just be the change that we needed. The sustainable sneakers brand has inverted the Black Friday custom and will be increasing its prices across its entire collection.

Prices will be raised by $1 which will be matched by their own contribution of an additional $1, with the difference being donated to Fridays for Future with the scope of  “breaking tradition, not the planet”.


  • FAGUO 

FAGUO is one among thousands of brands participating in the French collective ‘Make Friday Green Again’ that has been encouraging a more responsible approach to consumption.

The French clothing brand is committed to adopting existing solutions to compensate for its carbon footprint, one of these being boycotting the over-promoted Black Friday sales. Instead, it encourages its consumers to consider the last Friday of November as any other day and question, whether their urge to buy, is worth the environmental damage.


  •  Lebrusan Studio 

The London based brand that makes ‘beautiful jewels that are kind to the earth’ will be making their Black Friday more of a green one by raising money for The Water Project. Up to the 1 December, 20% of their proceeds will be donated to the charity that operates to provide sub-Saharan Africa with clean water. 

  • Patagonia

Patagonia’s stand against Black Friday has been clear since 2011 when the clothing brand launched an ad campaign discouraging its consumers to buy its own products on the anticipated last Friday of November.

The brand continues to stay true to its values and this year it will proceed with donating 100% of its profits to grassroots nonprofits. However, it’s also taking a step further by including refurbished pieces in their sales as part of the “Buy Less, Demand More” campaign, to encourage buying second-hand clothing and promote slow-fashion. 

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Words: Chiara Ferrari | Video : Chiara Ferrari | Subbing: Sam Tabahriti

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